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Sunnytec(suzhou) Electronics Company limited was established in the year 2002, is the subsidiary of
Taiwan Shianlin Electronic Company Limited which is invested in the mainland . The company mainly
produces the high quality power-type, sensing-type piezoelectric ceramic chips, ultrasonic ……
ISO 9001:2000 International standard authentication certificate

High-tech enterprise authentication certificate

High-tech product authentication certificate

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Research Award

Piezoelectric ceramic wafer ROHS test report

Ultrasonic transducer ROHS test report

Ultrasonic refined oil atomizer test report

Sunnytec(suzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd
No.9 Industry fang , Zhanye road, Weiting town, suzhou industrial park district
Phone: 86-512-62716188 Fax: 86-512-62716187
Sales department: E-mail: sales@sunnytec-piezo.com